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Pool Table Plastic Pockets, Pocket Liners and Gully Boots

Complete line of plastic pool table pockets, pocket liners and gully boots for home and commercial pool tables. These pockets and pocket liners can be easily custom fitted to really improve the appearance of any table needing them.

pool table plastic pocket liners Set of 6 plastic pockets.

Set of 6 Plastic Pockets
Price $34.95

deluxe plastic deep pockets Set of 6 deluxe plastic/rubber deep closed pockets.
Set of 6 Deluxe Plastic/Rubber Deep Closed Pockets
Price $59.95

pool table pocket liners Set of 6 pocket liners . These pocket liners are 4" high.
Set of 6 Pocket Liners
Price $19.95

pool table plastic red pocket liners Set of 6 red pocket liners . These red plastic pocket liners are 4" high.
Set of 6 Red Pocket Liners
Price $19.95

pool table gully boots Set of 6 gulley boots. These line the bottom of each pocket.
Set of 6 Gulley Boots
Price $17.95

pool table pocket nails Set of 12 pocket nails for use with pool table pockets. These pocket nails are exact replacement for Valley pocket nails at a reduced price. Size is 7/8" L x 1/8" D.

Set of 12 Pool Table Pocket Nails
Price $5.95

pocket buttons Set of 8 pocket buttons for use with new Valley and Dynamo tables. These push-in nylon buttons are used to hold pockets and are available in standard 1/4" size.
Set of 8 Pocket Buttons
Price $4.95

pocket screws Set of 8 pocket screws used on Valley ZD-7 and newer tables to attach pocket liners. These are allen head, steel 10-32 x 1/2 inch screws.
Set of 8 Pocket Screws
Price $4.95

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