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3 Cushion Billiard Systems Book by Sid Banner

billiard book 3 Cushion Billiard Systems book by Sid Banner will improve your knowledge and techniques necessary to become a better player, regardless of your skill level!

The billiard knowledge from "System Sid" book started 65 years ago. This book was written over a period of 16 years, starting back in 1988.

3 Cushion Billiard Systems is packed with 178 pages and 167 diagrams with simple instructions. 3/c ball hit Systems, Diamond Systems, Clock Systems and much more including 25 exclusive photos of past & present day players.

During the past sixteen years, Sid made many discoveries about the "System Sid Ball Hit System," Diamond System and Clock Systems. This book is designed for billiard, pool and snooker players. New 3 Cushion players will progress faster. Pool and snooker players will learn more about applying cue ball English and how to use the diamonds and pearls on the rails to bank or kick when necessary. Intermediate carom players will raise their scoring average along with their confidence to play a more aggressive game. Top carom players will add to their fantastic repertoire of billiard knowledge.

The "System Sid" 3/C Ball Hit System is designed to give the shooter more answers concerning the hit on the first object ball and the exact English, speed and stroke required to score a point on almost any carom or bank shot.

Sids "3 Cushion Ball Hit System" works with success on all carom billiards, short angle shots or long angle shots.

The "System Sid" Diamond System has both the adjustments to the cue ball English and/or cue ball speed with the correct adjustment based on your first object ball or cue ball position on a five by ten foot carom table. The third rail tract is no longer a mystery!

3 Cushion Billiard Systems is loaded with detailed illustrations and diagrams featuring sections on:

- Your Stance - Clock System
- Bridges - Carom or Bank System
- Cue Ball English - Corner Plus System
- Clock System & Cue Ball English - Cross Table System
- Practice Shots - Cue Ball English - End Rail System
-Diamond System - 1st Object Ball Hit Direction System
-System Sid 3/C Ball Hit System
   - Cue Ball English - 1st Object Ball Numbers
   - Long Angle & Short Angle Track Numbers
- Best Ball Positions
- Practice Shots - Advanced
- Billiard Glossary
- System Sid 3/C Ball Hit System - Long Angles - U.S. Billiards Association
- System Sid 3/C Ball Hit System - Short Angles - Three Cushion Rules

3 Cushion Billiard Systems - Secrets From a Professional Amateur Book
Price $32.99


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