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Carom - Snooker K55 Rubber Bumpers Replacement Pool Table Rail Cushions

Carom and Snooker Rubber Bumpers Replacement Pool Table Rail Cushions for up to 10 foot size tables. These quality rubber rail bumpers are made using only the finest natural pure gum rubber. Don't let all your hard work installing pool table rails go to waste by using cheap inferior rubber cushions. Inexpensive cushions are made with rubber that has fillers added and do not provide the lively action and long life that better quality cushions will. Use this handy pool table rail cushion type guide to help you determine what profile shape cushions you need.

Use these Instructions On How To Replace Your Pool Table Rubber Rail Cushions.

k55 profile cushions K55 profile cushions have a dimensional height of 1 5/16" and a top angle width of 1 1/4" or slightly over.

k55 carom and snooker bumpers K55 Carom and Snooker Cushions - Replacement set of 3 - 118" long K-55 profile rubber cushions. Each one of these set of 3 rubber cushions is 118" long for the pocket less carom tables and the large snooker tables. One of the rubber cushions would be cut in half for the table end bumpers. Quality bumpers are made out of pure gum rubber and have cloth facings on bumper top and back.
Set Of 3 Replacement K-55 Bumpers For Carom and Snooker Tables
Price $149.95


l-77 canadian step cushions These 100% gum rubber L-77 Canadian Step or "L" shape cushions provide superior playability. Pure gum rubber cushions last years longer than economy cushions with fillers. These are used on some snooker tables and are 72" in length. Six pieces per set.
Set Of 6 Replacement L-77 Canadian Step Snooker Table Cushions
Price $149.95


snooker end cushions Replacement rubber rail end cushions for all snooker tables. Set of 12 replaces all ends on rubber bumpers.
Set Of 12 Snooker End Cushions
Price $31.95


locktite contact adhesive glue Locktite Contact Adhesive used for gluing replacement rubber bumpers, and bumper ends to rails. 5 fl oz tube.
Locktite Contact Adhesive Rubber Bumper Glue
Price $12.95


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