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Level Best Platinum Accessory Kit - Pool Table Accessory Kits

The Level Best Platinum Accessory Kit and Pool Table Accessory Kits we have for sale contain the finest playing accessories at a reasonable price. These quality items feature fine wood construction with rich finish colors to match your existing pool table and game room furnishings. You can also choose the exact ball set you want to have along with your purchase of the quality accessories. Get all the best quality accessories in one complete and affordable billiard accessory kit.

level best billiard accessory setLevel Best Billiard Accessory Sets allow you to choose your own finish and ball set type while providing some of the best quality and value pool table accessory sets in the industry.

Choose your finish color -

All Level Best Accessory Kits come with a Magnum ball set - level best magnum ball set

level best platinum pool table accessory kit

Level Best Platinum Pool Table Accessory Kits

Level Best Platinum pool table accessory kits are the some of the finest billiard accessory kits available today. No matter what your choice of mahogany, oak, honey or black wood finish, these kits will make you proud to own them. Included are a Level Best Magnum ball set, a matching finish Pinnacle 15 ball rack, 9 ball rack, hardwood wall mounted cue rack, four Pinnacle 58" two-piece maple cues with Irish Linen wraps, one Premium 48" two-piece maple cue with soft touch grip, two-piece bridge cue with soft touch grip and brass bridge head, matching finish 10 1/2" hardwood horse hair brush, deluxe vinyl table cover, shaker bottle, tally balls and rule book.

Level Best Platinum Pool Table Accessory Kit
Price $399.95

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