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Pool Cue Chalk Holders

Chalk holders for sale to keep your pool cue chalk secure and close at hand. We carry magnetic, rubber and pocket cue chalk holders that will keep the cue chalk off the felt and out of the billiard table. Searching and fumbling for chalk between shots can be a chore if you don't have a way to secure it. Our magnetic chalk holders can attach to the side of your pool table or clip-on to your belt to allow you to find the chalk everytime. Our rubber chalk holders usually attach to breaking end of pool tables by a nylon cord and keep chalk handy and secure. Pocket chalk holders keep the chalk mess contained and easy to reach for in your pocket and are one of the more popular holders.

master personal cue chalk holder Master personal cue chalk holder complete with blue cue chalk. Holds and protects cue chalk.

Master Personal Cue Chalk Holder
Price $2.95


gold metal chalk holders Gold metal personal cue chalk holder. Top unsnaps for easy chalk replacement. Holds and protects cue chalk.
Gold Metal Personal Cue Chalk Holder
Price $4.95


rail rider magnetic pool chalk holder The Rail Rider is a magnetic pool chalk holder that includes a magnetic strip that is placed on the underside of your tables side apron. This magnetic strip then accepts a metal chalk clip and chalk, keeping it handy for everyone playing. Keeps chalk out of the way but always within reach. Includes 2 chalk holders, 2 self adhesive magnetic strips, 2 pieces of master chalk, and instruction sheet.
The Rail Rider Magnetic Pool Chalk Holder
Price $7.95


bullet scuffer and chalk holder bullet chalk holder This real bullet shell pocket chalk holder has a built in cue tip scuffer and keeps cue chalk safely within your pocket and ready for quick use.
Pocket Bullet Tip Scuffer and Chalk Holder
Price $19.95


pocket pal pocket chalk holder Pocket Pal pocket chalk holder keeps cue chalk safely within your pocket and ready for quick use.
Pocket Pal Pocket Chalk Holder
Price $6.95


rubber chalk holder Rubber chalk holder holds one chalk securely to the table. Helps prevent ball hang-ups from chalk entering table.
Rubber Chalk Holder
Price $2.95


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