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Pool Table Felt Cleaner

APC 30 is a new Billiard Cloth Cleaner that will clean dirt and stains from any style Pool Table Felt. This fast acting felt cleaner removes chalk dust, stains and dirt. Regular cleaning and brushing of your cloth will maintain it's appearance and useful life.

felt saver by cue candy felt saver by cue candy Felt Saver by Cue Candy is a reusable stickey roller that cleans any surface. Great for pool table felt, sides, rails, all furniture fabrics, gamerooms and more. Pulls chalk, dust, pet hair and more off the surface, just pick up, rinse with water and reuse!

Felt Saver Reusable Sticky Roll By Cue Candy
Price $9.95


apc-30 pool table felt cleaner Wildcat APC-30 Power Packed Foam pool table felt cleaner is a multi purpose felt cleaner that is excellent for cleaning pool table and gaming table felt cloths. Designed to lift chalk dust, light stains and soil up out of pool table cloth. This is to replace the traditional method of brushing -- as brushing just pushes dirt into and around the surface of the pool felt. All-Purpose Foam Cleaner is a gentle, non-staining foam pool table felt cleaner that lifts the soil to the surface of the felt and allows you to wipe the surface clean. Directions: Spray evenly over the surface and wipe with a clean cloth. For very dirty surfaces, allow the spray to stand momentarily before wiping. 19 oz spray can.
APC-30 Pool Table Felt Cleaner
Price $13.95


simonis x-1 chalk dust removal tool New Simonis X-1 Billiard Cloth Cleaner and Chalk Dust Removal Tool works better than a traditional pool table brushes. Regular brushes only move dust around on the cloth and vacuum cleaners heavy suction can damage the cloth. The Simonis X-1 deeply extracts the chalk dust from the baize and retains it in its revolutionary high-tech structure!

The Simonis X-1 works by static electricity and by capillarity action. It is the rapid back and forth movement and not exaggerated pressure that is used for optimal effectiveness. After having cleaned the whole table, including the horizontal part of the cushions, use the Simonis X-1 to delicately brush the playing surface in parallel lines in order to give the cloth its well-kept appearance. The Simonis X-1 possesses a high absorption capacity and can easily retain the dust of half a chalk in its textile structure. Once the Simonis X-1 no longer seems to retain the chalk, all one has to do is release the dust absorbed by the high-tech structure to restore its initial effectiveness by either vacuuming the textile structure or slapping the structure with your hand. NOTE - The Simonis X-1 is Not recommended for Brunswick Centennial or other teflon treated cloth.

Simonis X-1 Chalk Dust Removal Tool
Price $89.95


microfiber felt cleaning cloth Microfiber felt cleaning cloths work great with felt cleaners above to lift and clean dust, chalk and dirt from pool table felt.
Microfiber Felt Cleaning Cloth
Price $4.95


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