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Pool Table Supplies

Pool Cues - Pool Sticks by Cuetec, Tempest, Elite and Sierra

Large selection of name brand pool cues and pool sticks for sale with free shipping on $100 orders or more. We have the finest cues from Cuetec, Tempest, Elite, Sierra and other quality manufacturers in many different styles, lengths and colors. Our discount pool cues feature quality construction at prices under $100. All college team fans should check out our college pool cues that are decorated with your favorite licensed team logos. Our childrens cues are designed especially for kids and provide the right length and weight cue for proper learning technique. Our kids cues are quality constructed with decoration appealing to youngsters. We also carry a complete line of short pool cues that can be used by children, used in tight space shots and are perfect for bumper pool or smaller tables.

four piece adjustable length & weight pool cues

Red Four Piece Adjustable Length & Weight Pool Cues

These versatile 4 piece cues are ideal for the family game room and allow adjustments in its length and weight to suit everyones needs.

one piece pool cues

One Piece Pool Cues

These rugged one piece cues are used most often as house cues for businesses wishing to provide a pool stick for customers use. Our 57" cues are a top-quality house cue like you may find in many pool rooms.

short pool cues

Short Pool Cues

Our short pool cues range in length from 36" to 52" and can handle the abuse from young players. These cues are available in several lengths to fit the needs of any age child and make very good training cues or for when space around the table is tight.

childrens pool cues

Childrens Pool Cues

What could encourage a child to enjoy the game more than their very own pool cue sized to fit their frame? Children's cues (sometimes referred to as "junior cues") are quality two-piece cues that are simply shorter than regular adult-sized sticks.

bridges and bridge sticks

Bridges & Bridge Sticks

Bridges and Bridge Sticks allow you to make difficult shots in tight situations and allow good players to play like a great player.

jumpbreak cues

Jump Break Cues

The jump break cues will get you out of a tough spot if your opponent hooks you. Jump break cues are extra rugged to take the pounding from breaking and jumping. Use a sneaky pete to really impress your rivals. Looks like a standard house pool cue in a invisible seam two piece design of fine quality.

cuetec pool cues

Cuetec Pool Cues

are a departure from the norm. They are the only pool cues that are made using a great deal of synthetics. For instance, the wooden shafts are overlaid with a thin layer of fiberglass or graphite, which helps protect the shaft from warping or getting dinged. Cuetec cues do not feature true inlays. All of the decorative features are done with decals and paint. Cuetecs are a good amateur-level cue, and are very popular.

NFL Pool Cues

Our Officially Licensed NFL Two-Piece Eliminator pool cues offer quality, style, and selection at an affordable price. They feature hard rock maple core, hand cut and selected from Northern Michigan stock, bonded to fiberglass. They have Le Professional tips, nylon/fibre threaded ferrules and a velvet grip.

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