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Billiard Training - Pool Playing DVDs

Billiard Training and Instructional DVDs for sale. Learn correct pool playing techique with these dvds. They cover topics that can help pool players of any skill level to play better pool. These pool training DVDs include skills, lessons and tips from some of the best players in billiards including Monk, Capelle and Bryne.

how to play pool video Brand new and sealed. Save much money by buying this video on tape and playing in your old VCR. The BCA transformed the celebrated How to Play Pool Right booklet into an instructional VHS video tape! Featuring BCA Master Instructor Jerry Briesath, this hour-long video teaches the fundamentals of stance, grip, bridge, and stroke and the advanced techniques of English, position play, and patterns. Complete with state-of-the-art graphics, this video can improve your game whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player.

How to Play Pool Right VHS Video Tape
Price $9.95


how to play pool right dvd The BCA transformed the celebrated How to Play Pool Right booklet into an instructional DVD! Featuring BCA Master Instructor Jerry Briesath, this hour-long DVD teaches the fundamentals of stance, grip, bridge, and stroke and the advanced techniques of English, position play, and patterns. Complete with state-of-the-art graphics, this DVD can improve your game whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player.

How To Play Pool Right DVD
Price $19.95


pool playing jump shot dvd Robin Dodson, two-time World Nine Ball Champion, has finally released her highly anticipated DVD. Pool players have long wondered what the secret is to the amazing Jump Shot. With Robin's talent and 20+ years of teaching and playing, this DVD is for not only novices who want to improve their game, but also for those who are seasoned in the sport of pool. Robin not only reveals the Jump Shot method in a step-by-step manner, but goes further with her instruction: developing the player's accuracy, how to aim, the stroke, follow through, where the cue ball should land, drills, when to jump and when not to jump, going into the mind of a pro, playing the percentage, and much, much more. In this video, Robin brings not only her professionalism, but also her delightful personality. You will find yourself smiling along with Robin as she goes through this technique, and will leave you with no doubt how much she loves teaching the Jump Shot. Mastering the Jump Shot video is very user friendly, and separated into easy-to-navigate chapters. It is definitely a must-see DVD! Whether your opponent hooks you or you get a bad roll, having the Jump Shot mastered will win matches for you.
Mastering the Jump Shot by Robin Dodson DVD
Price $29.95


pool technique racking secrets 2 dvd Joe Tucker's original Racking Secrets was one of the best selling DVDs for pool players and dramatically changed the way we think about and execute break shots. Racking Secrets II will help you even more. In the first 28 minutes of this 139 minute DVD, Joe teaches three newly defined breaking styles and how to use each one. You will find a break that makes you happy; gets results; and becomes something you can repeat over and over. In the next section, Joe demonstrates the new items that have come out that make racking more consistent than ever. Then he does his usual job by dissecting the 10-ball rack in detail, showing you what to look for and how to adjust it. He shows how to rack the balls to make the rack either easier or more difficult to run. He shows you which spaces matter and which ones don't; which ones to worry about and which ones to ignore. You will learn how the balls react and how speed, spin and energy affect the rack. You will learn how to adjust and change the path of the balls. You'll be amazed at how much control you can apply to a standard 10-ball rack! You'll even learn what makes the 10-ball fly right into the corner pocket on the break. In the last section, Joe shares the latest updates in managing the 9-ball break so that you make more balls on the break and run-out more often. This is a great DVD! Don't wait for the competition to get it! Great production values, too.

Racking Secrets 2 by Joe Tucker DVD
Price $29.95


wanna win dvd Book & DVD Combo! - This book and DVD combo, from three-time Wyoming State Champion Tom Bourdeon, is an eclectic mixture of Pocket Billiards Instruction and Stories. There are some hustling and gambling recollections, a few stories about teaching and coaching pool, a lot of pool playing tips & techniques and some very productive drills. There are also instructions for playing Wanna Win? Hook'em!, a game created by Tom to practice and learn pro-style pool safety and position play. Besides being the first player inducted into the Wyoming Hall of Fame, Tom also played a significant role in the development of US Open pool star Shane Van Boening (that’s him in the middle of the book cover photo.) This 75-page book and two-hour long DVD can help you, too.

Wanna Win? by Tom Bourdeon DVD
Price $29.95


power one pocket dvd An Outstanding NEW ONE POCKET DVD - Scott Frost has won every major title in this game and is regarded by many as the best one pocket player in the world today (2011). He is known as a very aggressive player. This DVD is filled with shots you might think are impossible and things you might have never seen before. There is so much information in this 90 minute video that you will need to come back to it again and again as your game evolves on your journey to becoming a great one pocket player. The chapters are: Racking and Breaking, Returning the Break, Taking Fouls, Running Balls, Putting Pressure on Your Opponent, The End Game, and Power End Game Shots. Bonus features are: Shot Stories, Road Stories, The L Drill, One Pocket Rules, and One Pocket Tournament Records.

Power One Pocket DVD
Price $39.95


one pocket my way dvd Gabe Owen is a US . Open Champion, but he is more well-known for his one pocket knowledge and skills. He has won several one pocket titles including the 2008 Derby City Classic One Pocket Championship and the 2008 Players Championship One Pocket Division. He was considered a phenom one pocket player at the age of 18. As Corey Deuel says... "Gabe is a natural born one pocket player, with incredible strategy."

In his Beginner/Intermediate DVD, Gabe addresses all of the basics you need to know to learn how to play the great game of One Pocket. In this 44 minute video he covers the break, break returns, banking and kicking systems, as well as ball count strategy. The Advanced DVD goes beyond the basic techniques you need to know to play one pocket. In this advanced video, Gabe covers more power moves coming out of the break as well as kick banks, carom banks, double kiss banks and more strategy techniques. This 35 minute DVD is for the experienced billiard player who wants to perfect these shots.

One Pocket My Way DVD
Price $29.95


video encyclopedia dvd With almost 750 shots, this set of five DVDs from Dr. Dave and World Class Pool Instructor Tom Ross features useful information that every player should know. The video footage also includes extensive online resource support. Each disc contains real shots with real people revealing all of pool's secrets. Learn the shots you need to get out of trouble, how to be more creative, and how to win more games. This is a good resource for serious pool players and instructors and is easily organized to help you quickly find the information you need. Elevate your game to the next level!

#1 Basic Shot Making and Position - cut shots, stun shots, follow shots, draw shots, cue ball direction control, cue ball speed control, avoiding a scratch, combination shots, carom shots, and billiard shots. Contains 160 shots - one hour and 27 minutes.

#2 English and Position Control - English effects and aim correction, rail cut shots, cue ball path control, basic position shots, advanced position play shots, center-of-table position shots, straight-in position shots, object ball hanger cue ball path control, multiple-rail position shots, an more. 184 different shots - one hour and 39 minutes.

#3 Safety Play and Strategy - defensive and offensive safeties, safety replies, ball-in-hand options, general strategy, rail-first shots, clearance and cluster break-out shots and more. 127 shots - one hour and 15 minutes.

#4 Banks, Kicks, and Advanced Shots - fundamentals, one-rail kick shots, multiple-rail kick shots, frozen-ball shots, frozen-rail shots, ticky shots, double-kiss shots, kiss-back shots, throw shots, spin-transfer shots, and more. 136 shots - one hour and 50 minutes.

#5 Skill and Specialty Shots - power shots, jump shots, masse shots, break shots, cushion and point compression shots, pocket point and wall shots, game run-out examples, fouls, and more. One hour and 29 minutes - 135 different shots.

Video Encyclopedia DVD Set
Price $99.95


powerful pool dvd A 3-Disc DVD Set - There is one thing all great pool players have in common--- excellent fundamentals. The seven primary skills of stance, bridge, stroke, aim, stop, draw and follow should not be overlooked if you want to reach the highest competitive levels of pool. In this 3-DVD set, professional player Max Eberle opens up his treasure chest of hard-earned knowledge, including precise body mechanics, timing, and the training that it takes to play pool with both consistency and results. Super solid stance, Feet set-up, Body direction, Arm alignment, Distance from cue ball, Stroke freedom, Super stroke, Center ball skill, Pure stroke, Eagle eye aim, Power spot, Mosconi method, Deflection correction, Sudden stop, Fantastic follow, Eye/stroke timing, Motivation and much more. $99 (MAXd)

Powerful Pool DVD Set
Price $99.95


ultimate pool secrets dvd Three Videos on One Big DVD - ESPN World open 9-Ball Champion CJ Wiley teaches you his systematic approach to playing great pocket billiards. He describes each step in his unique pre-shot routine, outlines the fundamentals of the game, provides insights to his tournament winning mental side, and includes actual footage from ESPN matches to show you how to win - whether you're a beginner, a league player, or an aspiring pro. In this DVD you will learn the keys to: Balancing your body, Building your bridge, Connecting to the "line of the shot," Strengthening your stroke, Developing a straight delivery, Correct grip pressure, Using the diamonds, Putting power into your break, The draw shot, Shooting off the rail, Concentrating through self-hypnosis and How to handle the mental side of pool. Tips on the masse', jump shots, combinations, how to make the pocket bigger, an aiming system, and more. Strategies for exact english and systematic banking. A Great value!

CJ Wiley Ultimate Pool Secrets DVD
Price $24.95


the earl strickland dvd Earl the Pearl's Road Stories - Watch this DVD and you may very well come away with a changed opinion of Earl Strickland. He's more than just the public persona that gets all the media ink. He's an articulate and colorful story teller and has had some very unique and interesting gambling experiences. This DVD is an intimate look into the life of pool's most controversial personality and the forging of one of the greatest pool players of all times. You will be thoroughly entertained. The Earl Strickland DVD

Earl the Pearl's Road Stories DVD
Price $24.95


the danny dilibert dvd The Wonder Wop - This DVD produced by Diana Hoppe, finds Danny Diliberto at his very best - relaxed, casual and telling his favorite war stories. Danny has been at the heart of pool for over 60 years and he was there when most of the "great" events in pool took place. Not to mention, he's a wonderful story teller! This DVD is entertaining and informative.

The Danny Dilibert - The Wonder Wop DVD
Price $24.95


play better pool vol 1 play better pool vol 2 VOLUME 1: MASTERING THE BASICS - Two of the top pool instructors in America , Randy Goettlicher and Scott Lee, work together on this DVD to give you the very best instructional video on the market. They walk you through the mechanics of the stroke: set-pause-finish; stance; common cueing errors; pre-shot routines; speed control; stop shots and the tangent line. A bonus on this DVD is a wonderful demonstration on how to manipulate the tangent line in order to get accurate position anywhere on the table for your next ball. Every subject is covered in-depth, providing a full understanding of how to make the concepts work with your body style.

VOLUME 2: TAKING YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL Continuing from the first DVD, Scott and Randy take you to the next level by making sure you are familiar with the new standardized rules for 8-Ball and 9-Ball, and furthering your development of cue-ball control (Cue-Ball Quantification). Also covered are 3-Rail, 2-Rail, and 1-Rail Kicking Systems, and Aiming. A practice routine for the game of 8-Ball is introduced, as well as a mini instructional on getting position in a game of 9-Ball. The DVD ends with a series of Frequently Asked Questions that are posed regularly at the Cue-Tech Pool School , and are sure to address some of your questions as well.

Play Better Pool DVD
Price $24.95


boot camp pool Boot Camp is slightly different from the rest of the series. It contains information, as well as drills, for your all-round Basics game. In here, there are 52 Tactical Drills for Aiming, Kicking, Banking, Warm-Ups & Jumping, PLUS "The Predator-Eyes Aiming System." Boot Camp is designed to develop your aiming eye and cue ball speed, but it also will teach other advanced principals, such as rail shots, shooting over a ball, banking, deflection, long shots, jump shots and the do's and don'ts of breaking. The first disk in the two DVD set is on Boot Camp Basic Training and the second disk is focused on Competition Preparation Tactics. The DVDs contain 3 hours of information!

Price $34.95


the road scholars dvd Diana Hoppe (Pool Pics by Hoppe) has put together this incredible hour-long production of the legends telling their favorite war stories. The disk features some of the only known video of the late Vern Elliott, Ed Kelly's induction into the Hall of Fame, and footage of both Larry Liscotti and Boston Shorty. The road stories are told by the players themselves: Billy Incardona, Danny Diliberto, Wade Crane, Truman Hogue, Ronnie Allen, Grady Mathews, Ed Kelly, Vern Elliott, Freddy the Beard, Jimmy Reid and Jimmy Fusco. Not done in a typical "interview" style, it is filmed in a very casual setting, revealing the true personalities of these greats. Enjoy fascinating stories that you won't hear anywhere else. A real treat for fans!

The Road Scholars DVD
Price $19.95


mastering pool vol 1 mastering pool vol 2 mastering pool vol 3 Volume 1 is an instructional DVD directed specifically towards casual players. Rich with 3D animated diagrams, 14 exclusive lessons and over 35 minutes of special features, this DVD creates an enjoyable experience that will change your game forever. It includes sections on: Selecting a Cue, Terminology, Rules for 8-ball, 9-ball & 10-ball, Stance, Bridge, Stroke, Grip, Aiming Systems - Part 1, Aiming Systems - Part 2, Kicking & Banking - Part 1, Kicking & Banking - Part 2, Cue-Ball Control, and The Tangent Line. The bonus features include 12 full games with shot-by-shot commentary from Mika Immonen. Widescreen Format - 85 Minutes.

Volume 2 is designed for casual or league players. Rich with intricate 3D animated diagrams, 14 exclusive lessons and over 35 minutes of special features, this DVD is guaranteed to raise your game to a whole new level. The included sections are: The Tangent Line - Part 2, Cue-Ball Control - Part 2, Cue-Ball Control - Part 3, Speed Control, Angle of Approach, Kicking & Banking - Part 3, Kicking & Banking - Part 4, Kicking & Banking - Part 5, The Break Shot, Positional Shots - Part 1, The Carom, The Jump Shot, The Masse, Playing Safeties - Part 1. The bonus features include 12 full games with shot-by-shot commentary from Mika Immonen. Widescreen Format - 88 Minutes.

Volume 3 uncovers advanced aspects of the game that are known only to the pros. Rich with intricate 3D animated, 14 exclusive lessons and over 35 minutes of special features, this DVD will give you a definitive advantage over your opponents. It includes sections on: Positional Shots - Part 2, Positional Shots - Part 3, Advanced Shot Making - Part 1, Advanced Shot Making - Part 2, Cue-Ball Control - Part 4, Throw & Transferred English, Playing Conditions, Kicking & Banking - Part 6, Kicking & Banking - Part 7, Kicking & Banking - Part 8, Playing Safeties - Part 2, Playing Safeties - Part 3, Running an 8-ball Table, and Running a 9-ball Table. The bonus features include 12 full games with shot-by-shot commentary from Mika Immonen. Widescreen Format - 87 Minutes.

Mastering Pool DVD
Price $24.95


total shot trainer total shot trainer This is simple, practical, effective and easy to use. The heart of the package is a circular diagram (11.5" wide) that is placed on the table and pointed towards the pocket you want to shoot the object ball. This "vinyl" circle sticks to the table and shows the position of the object ball, the ghost cue ball, the aim line, the tangent line, and position routes of the cue ball with one tip of follow for cuts of 10, 20, 30 and 60 degrees. The Total Shot Trainer stays in place while shooting and is reusable over and over again. It works on all size pool tables and is safe to use on all types of cloth. Also included in the package is a ten-inch practice landing pad, a five-inch landing pad, 12 ball markers to set up repeat shots, instructions for playing the Hit the Zone Game, the Ten Steps to Consistency on two different size cards, and a detailed User's Guide. This trainer is great for teachers and immediately and easily demonstrates the difference between the aim line and the contact point.

Price $24.95


mind training dvd After 50 years of competing against the best bankers and one pocket players in the world, Freddy “the Beard” Bentivegna is revealing the secrets that made him one of the toughest competitors in the game. For decades “the Beard” was a fearless high stakes money player taking on all comers. In 2005 Freddy was inducted into the Bank Pool Hall of Fame. These DVDs expose the most closely guarded secrets in bank pool.

These two new DVDs from Freddy the Beard provides information about banking from A to Z. Systems, ball action, and dozens of tips not found in his books make these must see DVDs for everyone who wants to bank better. Freddy demonstrates every shot while providing the secrets needed to make the systems work. Players from beginner to expert will improve their banking after studying these DVDs. Nothing remotely comparable to this 3 hours on DVD has ever been made. Every bit of information needed to make the banks is in this set.Banking With The Beard DVD

Banking With The Beard DVD
Price $34.95


pool table pro book dvd The Pro Book DVD Series is a complete training system for developing and maintaining advanced table skills. It is based on the high-performance reference training section of the Pro Book and can be used independently or in conjunction with the Pro Book. This four video set is an organized system for mastering the strategically important shots, safeties, kick safeties, kicks, and banks that form the basis for offensive and defensive play. Here's an overview:

Video I: The Sweet Sixteen!

* Use the reference training breakthrough to build and strengthen your skill.
* Learn the training guidelines that can revolutionize your practice effectiveness.
* Open up your "A" game by mastering the 16 root shots of position play.
* Practice the 14 most important extended shots and become a master of the cue ball.

II: The Outer Limits!

* Understand the shot window concept and simplify your shot selection process.
* Discover the limits of your position tools and how to pick the right one for each task.
* Master the 22 boundary shots and eliminate shot selection doubt forever.
* Learn the extended boundary shots and master moving up and down the table.

III: It's Hammer Time!

* Learn the seven principles of safety play and strengthen you ability to control the table.
* Practice the 16 root safeties and win many of the matches you are currently losing.
* Discover the seven principles of kick safeties and expand your ability to shift momentum.
* Master the eight strategic kick safeties and stun your opponent with come back ability.

IV: The Great Escape!

* Understand the strategic kicking zones and reduce the times you give up ball-in-hand.
* Master the 12 most crucial kicks and be able to fight back with your confidence intact.
* Learn the eight most strategic bank shots and improve your ability to get back in line.
* Learn how to make the “hard to judge” banks and get out more often.

Save $16.00 by adding the Pro Book to your order below.

Pro Book 4 Disc DVD Set
Price $124.95

advanced pro book dvd THE ADVANCED PRO BOOK DVD SERIES - Advanced Reference Training for the Serious Pool Player. Finally! In response to popular demand, the most crucial reference training techniques from The Advanced Pro Book are now on this 4-disc DVD set. If you want to take your game to the next level - beyond its current limits - then this is your ticket!! All of the shot routines and exercises presented in this series will help you better understand the action off the rails, and the cue-ball and object ball paths. If you need help with position play, do the exercises in Volume I. If safeties are a problem, study Volume II. Each DVD targets very specific areas of your game. Break through those barriers that have held you back for so long!

Vol. I: Pro Shots - takes a closer look at aggressive reference training shots. Becoming skilled at advanced shots is crucial and understanding the principles behind them will help lock those shots into memory. This volume also goes into special shots that are used less frequently, but are important recovery tools. Very challenging!

Vol. II: Advanced Safety Play - addresses the most important concepts that make for powerful safeties. The most important pro safeties and front game situations are demonstrated in conjunction with the critical thought processes for each. Master these tips and become a devastating defensive player!

Vol. III: Advanced Kicking - is your key to rising above the competition. These skills are absolutely vital for competing (and winning!) at higher levels. This volume covers the Kicking Maps for one and two rails, and the related principles. Essential!

Vol. IV: Advanced Banking - exposes you to a whole new realm of the game. See more opportunities to pocket balls. Use them to play shape of get safe. These are great tools to have in your box. . .great tools to win!

If you watch them you will get a lot. If you study them you'll get even more. If you do the work, you could become a champion! Save $16.00 by adding the Advanced Pro Book Book to your order below.

Advanced Pro Book 4 Disc DVD Set
Price $129.95

byrnes standard dvd Byrne's Standard Video Of Pool & Billiards Volume 5 DVD is Power Pool Workout. Practice drills and training secrets for the serious player.

Byrne's Standard DVD Of Pool & Billiards Volume 5 Power Pool Workout
Price $29.95

buddy hall dvd This one DVD contains two videos. How Do You Win from Here? takes the viewer through about 20 of the most important front game situations and shares unique, hard-to-see shots that can turn each one into a win! In The Clock System Buddy, a holder of over 60 major professional titles, starts with a review of the basics, the grip, bridge and stroke. Then he teaches a system of exact hits on the cue ball to get to specific points on the final rail. Both videos on one DVD!

Buddy Hall DVD 2 Pack
Price $32.95


Capelle on 9 ball book and dvd This new book and DVD video combination by Phil Capelle analyzes a dramatic hill-hill match between Johnny Archer and Efren Reyes. The book is keyed to the video and is a 200 page in-depth look into the shots, technique, and strategy used by both players. The video is the Accu-Stats original film of this famous match and has been edited to include an instructional section by Capelle. A very comprehensive study.

Phil Capelle On 9 Ball Book and DVD
Price $42.95


mathews the finishing touch dvd mathews only kicks mathews killer one pocket mathews sixteen steps mathews advanced principles of pool mathews finer points of pool mathews finer points of banking and safety play mathews finer points of one pocket
Grady Mathews The Finishing Touch DVD offers an outstanding dissertation on one of the most important aspects of one-pocket - The End Game. In this video, Grady demonstrates (with 52 shot scenarios) the easy, natural options that continually show up in one-pocket. You'll no longer find yourself hanging your hopes on exotic or unnatural shots. The Professor shows you how easy it is to get out of those seemingly impossible safeties while setting yourself up for the kill. Learn how to use tickies and umbrella shots; get your opponent's ball out of his pocket; kick three or four rails for the hook, and much, much more. Additionally, two powerful drills are offered at the end, which are sure to boost your consistency and confidence. If you're a one-pocket player, don't be the only fool skipping this class!

Grady Mathews Only Kicks DVD highlights a variety of kicking systems by demonstrating where to hit (the ball or rail) and what kind (and how much) English to use. Banking systems, such as: cross-banks, two- and three-rail, double-rail, English, non-English and reverse banks are also covered. Learn when you shouldn't go for the bank, as well. Use the mirror system and umbrella shots, both offensively and defensively. With this video, your arsenal will also expand to include long shot safeties, double-kiss safeties, push shots, jump shots and more! This is your best tool for learning many, many secrets of a champion! This DVD is the latest development of Grady's patented kicking systems. All of the systems covered (73 shots) are easy to understand, easy to learn, and easy to use in competitive situations.

Grady Mathews Killer One Pocket DVD, Grady outlines the 20 most important concepts of one-pocket strategy that all great players must master. Many things are covered in this video that you will not find anywhere else, such as when to play offense vs. defense and the advantages of being unpredictable. You will learn how to run balls at the other end of the table and become more adept with end game situations. Grady will teach you when to put your focus on the object ball, the cue ball, or both. This DVD is a comprehensive strategy training guide, which is just what you need to master the highly strategic game of one pocket.

Grady Mathews Sixteen Steps DVD, reveals the sixteen most important aspects of competitive pool and explains how a professional player would relate with each one. Advanced information on grip, stance, and tempo are covered, along with demonstrations on shot selection and safeties. Filled with great tips. Learn to play aggressively, yet smoothly, never lacking one or the other. Expand your banking knowledge. This DVD is a professional guide for advancement of your competitive game. Study the information, practice it, and enjoy playing at a higher level!

Grady Mathews Advanced Principles Of Pool And Billiards DVD is geared toward the intermediate to advanced player, Grady Matthews cements the basics and immediately whisks you into the advanced world of 2-rail kicks, frozen ball shots, the effect of English on object balls, and the mirror system with varying cue-ball hits. The Professor reminds you to look at the percentages of the shot - when to lean toward softer vs. harder hits for given situations; kicking systems with English, without English; parallel- and half-systems. Also covered are degrees of masse'; the "umbrella" shot, tickies, and understanding how the object ball turns with English. This video takes an in-depth look at how a champion would handle tough situations, divulging information that will get you out of many tricky situations. When it's all said and done, the Professor offers a checklist for self-examination - assisting you in examining your strengths and weaknesses. Advanced Principles of Pool and Billiards is a must-have reference for your all-around game.

Grady Mathews Finer Points Of Pool DVD assumes you are an intermediate player with solid mechanics and a basic working knowledge of banks and English. After reviewing several banking and kicking systems, he then divulges secrets on one-, two- and three-rail kicks, jump shots, rail-first masses', high percentage safety plays, when to use a force follow rather than draw, and much, much more! Sprinkled with humor and doused with intelligence, The Professor shares many tips that will easily take your game to the next level. Grady is one of the finest instructors in the world, and his incredible knowledge is all here for you to learn from.

Grady Mathews Finer Points Of Banking and Safety Play DVD highlights a variety of kicking systems by demonstrating where to hit (the ball or rail) and what kind (and how much) English to use. Banking systems, such as: cross-banks, two- and three-rail, double-rail, English, non-English and reverse banks are also covered. Learn when you shouldn't go for the bank, as well. Use the mirror system and umbrella shots, both offensively and defensively. With this video, your arsenal will also expand to include long shot safeties, double-kiss safeties, push shots, jump shots and more! This is your best tool for learning many, many secrets of a champion!

Grady Mathews Finer Points Of One Pocket DVD divulges years of collected information that every one-pocket player could only hope to possess. The crucial opening break is discussed in great detail. Getting out of the break is then examined with approximately 15 different strategies, each one easy to understand and use as your dilemma may dictate. The last section of the video is devoted to end game situations, turning impossible leaves into game-winning strategies. In typical "Professor" style, Grady also examines percentages as they involve shots, gambling, handicapping, safety play and more. Without a doubt, the Finer Points of One Pocket is probably one of the most comprehensive one-pocket reference guides you could ever own. Quite a few players, over the years, have learned the essential elements of one-pocket from this video. It also covers how to avoid the kiss on banks, and how to play two balls off the spot. He shows you when to make your opponents ball, how to get it out when it's sitting in the jaws, and more!

Grady Mathews DVD
Price $24.95

reid almost all I know dvd This is the latest contribution from Jimmy Reid and the title says it all! He shares many additional secrets in this 3 DVD set. Disk one includes a treasure of diamond systems he has discovered and uses for kicking, banking and position. Long rail, cross side, cross corner, Plus 2 systems for short rail kicking, and a Zero 3 rail system, too. Disk two develops these further and includes a wealth of 8-Ball and 9-Ball strategy scenarios. Disk three is full of Rules of Thumb for One-Pocket...great Moves & Strategies to help you win. It concludes with graphics for the diamond systems. Jimmy's not holding much back in this 3-disk set!

Jimmy Reid Almost All I Know DVD
Price $119.95


reid no time for negative dvd Jimmy Reid has won a lot of tournaments in his day and this two hour long DVD captures the heart of his technique and training. Combined from the original three video set, this DVD takes an in-depth look at cue selection, grip, stance, stroke, bridge, the effects of english, how to aim, how to bank, and lots more. Great information about the jump shot, masse, force shot, throw shots, and how to address the ball to breed consistency. Authored to 18 "Instant Access" chapters so you can immediately jump to the subject you want.

Jimmy Reid No Time For Negative DVD
Price $34.95


tucker aiming system dvd tucker 3rd eye This 50 page workbook includes TWO DVD'S! The package is based on Joe's famous Aiming by the Numbers System and includes an advanced aiming workout. On the two DVD's (2 hours and 40 minutes), Joe personally guides you through the entire Corner Pocket Workout, which may be the toughest pool workout you've ever seen. The workbook also includes a comprehensive side pocket workout and several effective drills you can use to master aiming and move your game to a new and higher level of consistency. This system is easy to understand and easy to use. Working out with it will help you "see the shot" in competition, when it's not coming easy. Also included is the 3rd Eye Stroke Trainer. This stroke trainer comes with an instructional DVD and is easy to use and highly effective. It slides over the tip of your cue and immediately begins to correct two of the most common pool playing flaws, approaching the cue ball slightly off center and last second corrections that are often diagnosed as pure stroke flaws, but are usually caused by the initial alignment flaw.

Joe Tucker Aiming By The Numbers DVD and 3rd Eye Stroke Trainer
Price $44.95


tucker guaranteed improvement book/dvd This ring-bound book fits in a cue case pocket and contains 20 shots and drills that will help you reach the higher levels! It also has a unique rating system to help you compete and improve. New!! This title now comes with a DVD where Joe leads you through these fantastic drills! Joe's still the most value for the buck going in pool! Get it before he raises his prices.

Joe Tucker Guaranteed Improvement Book/DVD
Price $24.95


tucker racking secrets dvd Joe's famous book Racking Secrets has been out of print for a couple of years now and we still get calls for it every week. The material in it is that good. Now Joe's filled the missing gap with a two-disc DVD set that contains all the original material and all the other advancements he has discovered. This set has everything you need to know about reading the rack to determine how to break. Good players know that gaps between the balls will impact the way the rack will open, but few know what result each specific gap will cause. For 9-ball, 8-ball, 10-ball, one-pocket, rotation, and straight pool. Learn what to do!

Joe Tucker Racking Secrets DVD
Price $24.95


90 minute rail workout dvd he Rail Workout is a 2 disc DVD set created by professional player/instructor Joe Tucker. This workout is one of the best ways a player can spend quality time at the table while adding some very important skills to their game. Joe knows what's important when it comes to adding to a player's game and he's done so here in the Rail Workout. The workout is broken into 5 demanding sections that blend together nicely and along with spending your time in a very productive manner you are sure to instantly pick up some interesting facts and new shots by just viewing instructional disc#1. Disc 2 Joe puts himself on the line as he usually does; not just talking the talk but walking the walk as he shoots the entire workout uncut, in real time and with his voice dubbed in over it.

Joe Tucker's 90 Minute Rail Workout DVD
Price $24.95


kid delicious racking secrets dvd In this new DVD Danny "Kid Delicious" Basavitch reveals several pro secrets. Including the Delicious L Track and his own racking secrets. This DVD is also the ultimate how-to for breaking from the rail and from the breaking box used at the U.S. Open and other pro events. Great jumping tips, suoer stroke shots, masse' shots and advanced position play.

Kid Delicious Big Time Racking Secrets & Ultimate Pro Shot Making DVD
Price $24.95


overcoming contenderosis cds overcoming contenderosis cds NOW ON CD's!! Ryan Elliott Overcoming Contenderosis is a ten-session audio set is a "Hypnosis Success Program for Pool Players." Created and presented by Ryan Elliott, sports hypnotist and board certified mediacl hypnotist, it is focused on helping competitive players deal with and eliminate the obstacles which prevent them from delivering their best game under pressure. Each hypnosis session is about 25 to 35 minutes long. Sessions are: The Initial Hypnosis, Successful Winning Principles, General Pool Suggestions, Personal Accomplishment, Specific Pool Suggestions, Goal Setting & Realization, The Incredible You, The Name of the Game, Self Discipline & Persistence, and The Winning Pyramid. All you have to do is get comfortable, close your eyes, and begin. For best results, prepare to use this productive set for a 30-day period. You'd be surprised if you knew how many good players have taken advantage of hypnosis to improve their performance. Now you can, too.

Also now available on CD'S is The Dead Stroke Tape series which is a twelve-session audio set and is another "Hypnosis Success Program for Pool Players." Created and presented by Ryan Elliot, a board certified medical hypnotist, it is focused on helping competitive players to recognize and increase their ability to put themselves into "dead stroke." Each session is about 25 to 30 minutes long. All you have to do is turn on the CD player, get comfortable, close your eyes, and begin. Sessions include: Trusting Your Subconscious, Steps to Success, Inner Criticism, The Wipe Out, Perfecting Abilities, Playing in Trance, It's in Your Memory, Remembering the Best, Future Attitude, RX for Discouragement, Subliminal Prosperity, and Pre Match Psych Up. For best results, prepare to use this high-performance set for a 30-day period. You'd be surprised if you knew how many good players have taken advantage of hypnosis to improve their ability to "get into the zone." Now you can, too.

Ryan Elliott CD Set
Price $95.00

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